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Parent/Tot Class

(10 children maximum; 1 teacher and parents remain with children)
(2-year-old attends with a parent/adult)

Birthdate requirement: 2 on or before 12/1/21

PT AM-Wednesday 9:30AM-11:00AM; $50/month

Teacher: Stephanie Petrosky

Toddlers explore a variety of activities with their parents which help them to develop a sense of security in the classroom environment. They have opportunities to play with other children, and gain independence and self-reliance. Parents and children are introduced to creative materials, story time, music, and movement exercises that foster growth in fine and gross motor muscles, problem solving skills and learning the routine of a classroom. This class offers meaningful experiences for parents and their children.

Three-Year-Old Class

(15 children maximum; 1 teacher, 1 assistant teacher, 1 parent worker)

Birthdate requirement: 3 on or before 12/1/21

3 AM-Tues & Thurs 9:00AM-11:30AM; $125/month 3 PM-Tues & Thurs 12:30PM-3:00PM; $125/month

Teacher: Emily McAbier

The three year old classes allow children to grow emotionally and increase self-help skills. Throughout the class time children will participate in experiences that focus on literacy, social emotional growth, mathematical, and science skills along with opportunities to strengthen fine and gross motor skills. The children practice following directions and feel secure in a daily routine that includes two large groups, child choice including small group interactions with teachers, snack and outdoor times. Each child is considered unique and is offered a variety of learning experiences that reach all areas of development.

Four-Year-Old Class

(17 children maximum; 1 teacher, 1 assistant teacher, 1 parent worker)

Birthdate requirement: 4 on or before 12/1/21

4 AM-Mon, Wed & Fri 8:45AM-11:45AM (3 hours); $190/month  4 PM-Mon, Wed & Fri 12:30PM-3:00PM (2 ½ hours); $165/month

Teacher: Kari Yergin

Four year olds at South Lyon Co-op Preschool grow and learn both socially and academically through active learning with a developmentally appropriate, research-based approach. Adults are there to facilitate, encourage, and create the environment in which academics are embedded, as children experience many hands-on activities and literacy opportunities throughout the day, choosing, designing, and creating projects that they are interested in, all the while problem solving and building community. If this is your child’s first experience in a school setting he/she will find a nurturing and reassuring environment in which to experience independence and growing self-regulation.